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About The Brand

The platform for creative talent

Urban Cotton is a platform for creative talent, originated in the creative and raw hotspot Amsterdam Noord. We offer a unique collection of works: from tapestries to paintings, photographs and multi-media works. With the Urban Cotton designs you welcome a creative and innovative atmosphere in every room. Whether you live, sleep, eat, relax, party, or work.

All our works are designed by creative talent from the Urban Cotton network. Since we give the creatives the artistic freedom, we are able to capture the unique story behind each work of art. So every design is, as it were, a signature of the designer. Contributing to creative talent is our mission. We do this by offering the artists a stage and by directly distributing a fixed percentage of the sold works to the maker.

Our collection is diverse and varies in form of collaboration with the artist, but also in material use and circulation. This allows us to make unique works of art accessible and affordable for a diverse audience.

100% biological cotton 

Urban Cotton offers a unique collection of 100% organic cotton wall hangings. Bring your interior to life and make it truly personal with one of these original eye-catchers. With a good mix of different styles, there is a fitting tapestry for every interior. From bohemian to industrial and from rural to modern. Our wall hangings are for sale in one of the hundreds of physical sales outlets.

The bustle of the raw creativity in Amsterdam North

Urban Cotton was founded in Amsterdam North. In the mid-1980s, the NDSM site went bankrupt and all work was shut down. But in 1997 the municipality gave the abandoned shipyard to the artists and soon there were creative workshops throughout the site. Ten years ago, Amsterdam North was a no-go, but now it’s the creative hot spot where the raw edge is not lost! With the designs of Urban Cotton, inspired by Amsterdam North, we bring this urban and creative vibe to your home!

Mixing different styles and colors gives your interior something exciting!

The most beautiful interiors arise with the use of contrasting materials, colors and styles. Combine a concrete floor with soft fabrics, or let an interior in basic colors come alive with a rugged print on the wall, combining, for example, a bohemian interior with an industrial element. With our tapestries you can endlessly combine this way. Our products can be styled in all areas of your home. Not only in the living room, but also as bedroom decoration as a good alternative to a headboard behind the bed or when styling a workspace. And for anyone who regularly redecorates his or her home: in no time, you  can change your interior by adding a new design! Restyling your home has never been so easy.

Get inspired!

Through our social media, we will inspire you with the most beautiful interiors, holiday destinations and the coolest festivals that perfectly match with our products. Our inspiration comes from the travels we make, special encounters and having a mindfulness life, which means that a certain perspective can suddenly result in a fantastic new design.

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